Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum
  • Working Group 1

    Democracy, Human Rights, Good Governance & Stability   

  • Working Group 2

    Economic Integration and Convergence with EU legislation   

  • Working Group 3

    Environment, Climate Change & Energy Security   

  • Working Group 4

    Contacts Between People   

  • Working Group 5

    Social & Labour Policies and Social Dialogue   

Working Group 1

An opportunity for the partner countries to integrate with the European Union by developing stable democratic structures and stronger participation of civil society

Working Group 2

Promotes regional economic integration and opening negotiations on the deep and comprehensive free trade areas between the EU and the Eastern partner countries

Working Group 3

Focused around the themes of energy security and climate change; environment, biodiversity & agriculture and education of sustainable development

Working Group 4

Activities of this group centre on visa facilitation, educational exchange, information dissemination and youth participation

Working Group 5

Promotes sustainable social dialogue in the Eastern Partnership region and focuses on the issues of labour migration, multi-national enterprises and informal employment

Event: Security Challenges for the Countries of the Eastern Partnership in the New Geopolitical Context: civil society perspective

10th of April, Brussels, European Parliament

Draft agenda

Event report

  • 17 February 2014

    Report of the CSF Steering Committee meeting - 3-4 February, Brussels, Belgium

    Download (PDF 416.19kB)
  • 29 January 2014

    The Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership four years on: Progress, challenges and prospects

    Download (PDF 1592.25kB)
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Report of the CSF Steering Committee meeting - 3-4 February, Brussels, Belgium

17 February 2014

Download PDF 416.19kB

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